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Earn Money for your School!

As a parent of school-age children, I know that tuition payments are not enough. Our children’s schools need every extra dollar that we raise.  What can be easier than doing your shopping and having 5% of what you spend go to supporting your child’s school or PTA?

Help us sign up your child’s school and spread the news there that Aliza’s Boutique gives back 5% of total sales to the school (not including returns and S & H charges).  For example, if you spend $200 over the course of a year, your school of choice receives $10. Multiply that by 100 people and that’s $1000 a year! 5% adds up fast.

What does your school need to do? Receive a School Code from us and inform the parent body! That’s it.  Please encourage your school or PTA to contact us at or 617-870-5257 for more information or to sign up.